Sun 28th Sep 2008

Grey Horse. 46 Richmond Road, Kingston, KT2 5EE 0208 541 4328

Featuring : Paradox, sugardrum, Paradox again, PinknRuby, some more Paradox and Carrie Tree

wupadupa sunday28th september

presents a night in aid of amnesty international. From blissful angelic voices to dark angular music to dark films to poetry telling us light and dark are all the same anyway.

Carrie Tree + band - angelic songstress, do not listen to carrie if you fear the other worlds of bliss, relaxation and floating in a sea of glowing peace.

PinknRuby- Sounds that resize you to microscopic level where you can climb on board a mushroom spore on the woodland floor and float around only to realise you're bigger than the whole universe. Again not recommended listening should you be needing to operate heavy machinery or sign important legal documents.

sugardrum- Nigel has a special piece of machinery that creates magical links to many strange places and scenarios, that can look deep deep inside of them and turn them inside out. It's called his brain.

Paradox - poetry - a true inspiration - lightdarkgoodbadupisdown, truth that shocks, throw away your tape measures and clocks, rodney paradox, he rocks.

Impermanence - Matt Kelly, Phil Dale and Steve James playing live music to films predominantly dark with radio/bassoon/zither etc

doors 7:30. £5 FREE HOME MADE CAKE!!!

part of the Kingston Amnesty Freedom Festival